Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jump Shots

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This next video displays the method of jumping balls using a jump cue. Jump shots are allowed in sanctioned tournaments, however many bars will not allow it, due to the fact that many people fail miserably and rip or damage the felt. If you want to be able to jump balls you need to know the people that run the bar your playing at and they need to know that you know what you are doing. This video will give you the basic steps to get you on your way to being able to jump balls respectively. Enjoy


  1. Yeah, I love basketballs! Go jumpshots!
    ...j/k.. hi sean.. good stuff.. i wish i was as good at pool as you are at having spiky hair.

  2. Thanks for the tops. I'm going to try this out on kid I know. He won't know what hit him.